Santa Meets James Bond in the Magic of Christmas


Season's Greetings  

Take a stroll down Oxford Street or visit any shopping arcade or centre for instance Westfield one of the newest and largest shopping complexes in the inner city and you'll be dazzled by bright baubles, balloons, giant paper chains and buildings clad in bulbs.  Lose yourself in the fantasy of wonderful window displays and fairytales.  In the accompanying photos seek out the Snow Queen and Santas clambering Eros, embrace the magic of Christmas and find a little cheer, never mind the credit crunch, it's one of the best times of the year!  Even for a Christmas winter wonderland wedding...

By Amita Chatterji © Photos

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 Nearly Christmas

As Christmas draws near
We all rush to prepare,
Children whisper in Santa's ear
Their secrets they declare.

Carols in church we joyfully sing
Celebrating Christ's birth,
A glow to our hearts this does bring
We spin with excitement and mirth.

Pretty parcels in tinsel shimmer
Hidden under the Christmas tree,
Fairy-lights around bells glimmer
Near the window for all to see.

Colourful chains or paper lanterns
Bright balloons and mistletoe,
Greeting cards of many patterns
One of a deer and its doe.

Red poinsettia beside green holly
In abundance everywhere,
Little girls with their dolly
Pulling crackers here and there.

A festive feast on the table
Of tender turkey, pudding and wine,
Perhaps some dancing if we're able,
A measure of magic and all is fine.

Article, Poem and Photos by Amita Chatterji ©

Please view Gallery for huge collection of spell binding Christmas seasonal Photos:




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