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1. Asian Music Awards Press Launch 4 December 08

Funky desi lads with Mohican style spiky hair some with whisks of gold highlights and beautiful Asian babes wearing slinky outfits with dark khol lined eyes and shiny lips bopped to music played by DJ Krash raising the temperature on a cold Thursday night.  This was the scene at London nightclub Aura for the UK Asian Music Awards Press Launch party, a VIP event which turned out to be a social networking playground for the music industry, media and guests wanting to be where the action is. 

An array of media photographers, TV crews form various channels pointed their lenses and microphones under bright spotlights as various music artistes were interviewed including Kray Twins, H Dhami, Navin Kundra, Jaz Dhami, AG Dolla, Mumzy, Shekie ‘n' Sham, Veronica, and the big boys of the UK Asian music industry Jay Sean and music maestro Rishi Rich.

Guest presenter Neev, popular daytime Radio DJ from Kiss 100 officially opened the event talking about the Awards, Artistes and introduced the live acoustic acts.   

D-boy music Producer/DJ remarked "nice to see all the lovely Asian faces in the crowd'' and speaking to him later, he told me that he found the acoustics weren't as good as they could have been and people were too noisy while he and his band were performing and, having seen many live performances in clubs this is all too familiar.

Abs Shaid Founder and CEO of UK AMA's, Jon Hale CEO of the Nashi Media Group, Kevin Rego Head of Sales and Marketing for B4U and Raj Ghai of Media Moguls said a few welcoming words and announced news of the AMA's taking place on 5 March 2009 at The Royal Festival Hall.

I chatted to UK AMA's main organisers all of whom are involved in other business activities apart from arranging the Awards ceremony - including CEO Founder Abs Shaid, Jazz Singh, organiser of UK AMA's and UK Melas who was at the frontline all evening overseeing the Artistes, media and guests and, the jovial Raj Ghai, Account manager at Media Moguls agency who'd been clutching his clipboard all evening busily directing the artistes, media and guests.

Later in the foyer I congratulated Rishi Rich on his recent accolade having won the Excellence in Entertainment award at the Asian Woman Awards for Excellence and whilst engaged in conversation I saved Rishi from being knocked over by the sponsorship banner which nearly collapsed on him...but these are the unexpected elements which add a different dimension to any event!

Voodoo Entertainment managed and promoted the club night successfully working in association with Media Moguls and I was in my element enjoying grooving the night away with my friends and regulars on the Asian music and club scene.

Article/photos by Gina Chrysanthou ©

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Neev, Kiss 100 Radio DJ               Singer Jay Sean


AMA Press Launch - Nina, Raji, Gina, Priyanka, Tanvir


AMA Press Launch - Ameet Chana, Chaz P, Gina, Sachin Parmar


2. Johnny Ikon celeb gossip seeker launches at Volstead 3 Dec 08 

Volstead Club where Madonna celebrated her 50th was the chosen venue for the launch of Johnny Ikon, an alter ego created by John Gough who spends much of his time at clubs, networking and schmoozing on the social scene with his favourite set of friends and celebs out on the town.

We entered the club early and John Gough aka Johnny Ikon just managed to say a brief hello whilst walking past us wearing his signature specs and hat.  The music tempo improved during the evening encouraging people on to the dance floor.  Sitting around were bouncy bald blokes sucking on Chupa lollies Kojak style whist Johnny flitted about having his photo taken by Ok! Magazine with various guests including 90's pop duo Right Said Fred, glamour model Jodie Marsh and the Human Hi Party organizers. 

We also chatted to some of the regular party guests, the warm and friendly model Angel Sinclair, the glamorous and bubbly Caroline Monk and her friend Russ Kane who was accompanying a new girl group called The Bang Bangs.  On our way out we were introduced to TV presenter Joanne Saunders and Cameraman Scott who interviewed us - our friend and Lawyer Tanvir Dhanoa, my mum Poet/Writer Amita Chatterji and myself of Pukka PR website.   

Article by Gina Chrysanthou © Photos by Gina Chrysanthou & Amita Chatterji

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Gina Chrysanthou, Caroline Monk, Tanvir Dhanoa


Girl Group The Bang Bangs


3. The London Bhavan, Be Amazed...Be Entertained

15 November ‘08 A Pukkpoets Poetry & Dance Programme at the London Bhavan Institute of Indian Art & Culture

The Event celebrating creativity took place at The Bhavan's MP Birla Millennium Art Gallery in collaboration with Curator Anita Kapur's ‘Illumination in Miniature Style' Art exhibition depicting a fine collection of Indian miniatures painted by three master artists from Rajasthan which was the lovely setting for the programme. 

There I welcomed guests, introduced, presented and partook in the Poetry/Dance  programme featuring special guest artiste Hetel Gokal a highly experienced and accomplished Kathak Classical & Folk Dancer who completed her diploma at the London Bhavan and whose aspiration is sharing and encouraging her love of dance.  

The event also featured my daughter Gina Performing Artist & Founder/Director of who animatedly read some of my poems with me at the opening of the Poetry presentation.  I read a selection of my poems and micro fiction and closed the poetry programme by reading my poem Autumn Glory which was beautifully interpreted in dance by Hetel Gokal who then concluded by passionately performing an exotic and exciting dance finale interpreting a slightly complicated love tale.

The informal event was successful and well-attended by a cross section of people including painters, poets, writers, dancers and it seems from the various comments the function was enjoyed by all.

The seasoned painter and creator of Bindu landscape Prafulla Mohanti thought the poetry was "very good" and enjoyed the poems and dance while prize-winning poet Shafi Ahmed who participated as guest poet in last year's programme Mogul Miniature wrote "it was nice to see you and Gina reading so wonderfully...also the dancing was wonderful.''  Poet Elena Bond known as ‘the Worm' thoroughly enjoyed the event and Jessy Jasbir Madan came and introduced herself and said how very much she and her husband had enjoyed the programme and was so glad she'd come along otherwise she would have missed a superb and incredible performance of poetry & dance and, bless them they stood all the way through the programme as did some of the other guests. 

Rakesh K Mathur wrote "mother and daughter capturing the hearts of dozens of visitors of Pukkapoets event at the Bhavan...great poetry recital it turned out to be.  Your reading was impeccable, keep it up.''

Personal apologies from Geeta Ahluwalia and Mr & Mrs Arun Bedi for not being able to attend.  Lastly a message sent to Pukka PR from the Mayor Boris Johnson's office saying "Thank you very much for your email inviting Mr Johnson to attend an informal Pukkapoets Poetry presentation concluding in Dance.  He has asked me to pass on his apologies and hopes that the event is a great success and is enjoyed by all" which in fact it was!  Many thanks to all who attended.

Article by Amita Chatterji © Photos/Video by Gina Chrysanthou


Guests                                                  Amita Chatterji



Amita Chatterji & Hetel Gokal




Guests                                         Vijai, Anita, Amita, Beryl & Sonny



 Gina with Beryl & Sonny                 Hetel Gokal



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