HALLOWEEN at The Blood Lust Ball


It's Hallowe'en! I feel so mean
Be sure tonight I'll spit my spleen!

In the darkness of a creepy barn
We listened to a sinister yarn,
Spider webs dangled from thick beams
Skeletons danced to children's screams!
Night of eerie phantoms, ghouls,
When nastiness and treachery rules;
Gouged, illumined pumpkin caves
Housed ghosts from grisly graves.
Witches' brew of fear and fire
Appeased wizards' ghoulish desire;
Skulls and snakes in acid green
Rattled, glowed in corner seen.
Spooky skeletons did happily strut
Wearing necklaces of swine gut;
From outside came horrifying howls
Screeching, staring were big barn owls.
The weird warlock and yelling yahoo
Celebrated all that is taboo;
Suddenly, behind us we heard BOO!
As we were covered in ghastly goo,
Someone had played trick or treat
And stuck us to our sticky seat!

By Amita Chatterji ©
Prize winning Poem also published by The Asian Age

© Photos below at The Button Club Blood Lust Ball on 25 October 08 when we were invited to meet Mad Vlad Count Drac, wizards, witches & red-eyed vampires and a brew of other spooky, scary characters from legends and tales of horror.  A fun and wickedly decadent event with guests in gorgeous imaginative fancy dress costumes completing the scene.  AC 

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