Hot New Designers at By Invitation Only LFW Party


Hot New Designers at By Invitation Only LFW Party at Embassy London

16th September 08

The glitter of gold caught our eyes directing our attention to John Gough's fancy party they sparkled and so did John the host in his hot red top as he welcomed us at Embassy club for a night of surprises.   We joined the fashionistas downstairs where Smirnoff Vodka cocktails in tall tumblers were being lined up for guests on arrival.  We sipped refreshing drinks, mingled and kept a keen eye on the dance floor for the fashion show to commence. 

By Invitation Only events are hosted by the lovely Annie Brook a seasoned socialite and John Gough a well connected party loving business man and columnist.  Their parties being a good opportunity for people to meet and network in a relaxed atmosphere while socialising.

The fashion show kicked off energetically with background music provided by DJs Lil' Jo & DJ T Foxx.  First to showcase was Disciplined a range for men/women  seeking the unusual  -  trendy hand crafted jeans, vests, hooded tops, sequined boleros, T-shirts with the no. 69 and guitar design embellished with crystals designed by Nico Almontero.  Let The Kids Dance followed with their debut collection for men with funky symbols printed on T-Shirts and hooded tops too.  In stark contrast Kushion is a line of very feminine evening wear for today's woman to look and feel glamorous in a range of ethically produced dresses mostly in colourful soft metallic silks and satins trimmed in gold or lace.  

By this time the crowd and paparazzi grew more eager as the Kriss Soonik collection of fun and quirky lingerie came into focus.  The models, some super waif skinny and others voluptuous paraded in sexy stockings, suspenders wearing baby doll nighties, titillating tit tassles, French style knickers, see through  chiffons in virgin white, pinks, lavender to purple with gold trims or ruffles and ruffled hair to match!  Coco Rose Ballet style pumps in soft satin decorated the venue along with dim lit chandeliers to complete the ambience.

It was truly an enjoyable evening viewing the creations of fresh new designers and celebrating in style London Fashion Week while jostling with others to take our own pics of the occasion.  We met other party guests including Sarah Burge, Oliver Rothschild, Dennis DaSilva & Troy Perez, Dipesh & Nico, Shiva Queen, Stevie Humpledink Thomas, Hermione Way & Peter Jackson and people from Shipwrecked, Big Brother and Natasha from Gotcha Images.  And, was it a coincidence quite a few people were wearing  daring and devilish hot red?

Co-written by Amita Chatterji & Gina Chrysanthou © Photos

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Dress by Kushion


Lingerie by Kriss Soonik


Nico Almontero of Disciplined (centre in white), Dipesh (left in blue) and models


Menswear by Let The Kids Dance

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