Wimbledon Tennis & Double helpings of Strawberries


We were lucky enough to get tickets for Court 1 at Wimbledon on Middle Saturday and fortunately for us it turned out to be a fine sunny day.  We arrived shortly after gates opened at 10am and found ourselves in the food village which was already swarming with people and many of them were having fish and chips for breakfast!   We wandered around and watched some of the Junior matches and visited the Autograph Island near the Practice courts soaking up the atmosphere in mid morning sunshine.   Naturally we could not resist the ever popular strawberries and cream on offer which tasted so good we enjoyed two portions with our morning coffee.  

When the matches began at 1pm it was a treat to see the first match with Venus Williams v Martinez Sanchez on Court 1 and Venus sailed through winning the match like a true champ in her elegant style.  Next on court were both French players R Gasquet and G Simon, their match finished in three sets with Gasquet winning and finally, we saw the men's doubles with Jamie Murray (Andy Murray's younger brother) playing who is a very good doubles player, his overgrown curly hair and red head band reminded us of a young McEnroe - the Murray team won the doubles.    

Having once worked as a Hostess at Wimbledon and also attending matches as a spectator, I can unreservedly say that there is no other sporting event or sports venue in the world quite like Wimbledon.   The live atmosphere is fantastic and every aspect of Wimbledon retaining all its traditions and history in Tennis makes it a truly British event which is why people from all over the globe continue to return year after year dreaming of Centre Court tickets which are like gold dust.   We thoroughly enjoyed the mid Saturday and would if we could go more often during the two weeks of the Wimbledon Championship.

Surprisingly this year for a change the tennis tournament at Wimbledon wasn't too affected by rain apart from the last day during the men's finals between the sophisticated five times Wimbledon champion R Federer and R Nadal when the match was interrupted by rain.  This year's finals (which we watched on TV) turned out to be an unforgettable match in tennis history as both excellent players received equal support from spectators on Centre court, outcome being a well deserved win for Nadal as the young and hungry Spaniard would not give in!  Nadal, now being hailed as the new' King of Tennis' but I'm sure both players will be returning for many years to come.

Article by Gina Chrysanthou © Photos by Amita & Gina

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Wimbledon - jokers entertaining crowds


Wimbledon - View at Henman Hill/Murray Mount 


Wimbledon - Venus Williams serving on Court no1


David Spearing, Honorary Steward at Players Box


      Amita Chatterji and daughter Gina Chrysanthou


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