Dunhill - A 'White Desert' Promotion


Imagine standing amidst a colony of Emperors, penguins that is
In the incredible breath-taking snowscapes of Antarctica
the seventh continent. Well, dunhill is offering just that
an exclusive and luxurious trip to the utterly wild ‘White Desert'
for the intrepid adventurer who wishes to have a truly unique
and exciting experience in the remote regions of the South Pole.

We attended a dunhill Father's Day promotional event on 12th
June when Ben Fogle the TV presenter/explorer introduced the
‘White Desert' team headed by explorer Patrick Woodhead
who gave a beguiling talk accompanied with video footage on
the thrills of a trip to camp ‘Whichaway' and beyond. An
unmissable trip of a lifetime when nothing it seems is left to
the imagination as the unknown and unexpected unravel in the
magnificent land of the midnight sun.

We admired dunhill luxury ware, sipped Mumm, nibbled
canapés, chatted to friends and discussed the possibilities of
such a fantastic holiday then toasted each other to dream on
and on!

Article/Photos by Amita Chatterji ©  

View photos of event below, see www.dunhill.com for further details of White Dessert



Ben Fogle, TV Presenter/Explorer                                 


Ben Fogle and Gina


Patrick Woodhead, Explorer/Team Leader White Desert


Guests Sarah and Nina


Gina, Davin Benning and Martin Young


dunhill guests


dunhill guests                                                              



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