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The Mayoral Elections are now imminent with frenetic and ferocious last minute campaigning and the ten candidates who have put themselves forward for election to secure the powerful position Mayor of London are people who obviously care for the welfare and future of London and hopefully the best man or woman will succeed. 

Pukka PR sent a letter via email on the afternoon of 22 April 08 to Boris Johnson M.P with 3 questions but have not yet received answers or acknowledgment in writing - expect he's far too busy to respond prior to the Election.  

Below copy of our letter to Boris: 

Dear Boris

Have been watching you along with the other two main Mayoral Candidates conducting yourselves on TV at debates, interviews etc and, you'll be happy to know that on our Arts & Life website Pukkapr.com we've actually got an article "Resolutions; Frenzy & Fury of London/US Elections!" featuring and giving you free exposure with some background info on you.

However, we were somewhat dissapointed with your remark about ethnicity?  At least Ken Livingstone had the perception and foresight to recognize that India is an economic marvel and is a major power on the world stage and he went out to India to promote Britain/British business and create rapport and friendship between the two countries - Ken's popular with Asian voters.

Now, it's just over a week before the Mayoral elections and we've three questions we'd like you to answer succinctly please not more than about 10 lines to each question and if you do respond we shall include your answers to our questions on our website.


1) Apart from tackling bendy buses what action would you take to improve and enhance the daily lives of London's Tube commuters who often endure
uncomfortable and stressful journeys during peak hours. Would you perhaps consider freezing fare increases till Tube travel conditions improve?

2) London used to be a city with a visible police force when policemen were seen patrolling streets and when neighbourhood bobbies able to fully enforce the law were around. How are you going to ensure the safety of
all Londoners young/old, cut crime and, are you prepared to put sufficient police on streets which would actually make a difference?

3) How do you propose to make London a cleaner and healthier city and, meet and tackle the high demand in Housing?

By Amita Chatterji & Gina Chrysanthou ©

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Best wishes

Gina Chrysanthou
Director, Pukka PR

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