Resolutions; Frenzy & Fury of London/US Elections!


Article 1 

The New Year brought with it a wave of new resolutions for people to make and break as people do repeatedly every year.  However, hope some of us keep some of the chosen resolutions, perhaps too much of a challenge for some.  Start of the year Elections! Elections!

Till the Mayoral election on 1st May 08 full focus will be on the three main contenders vying for position of London Mayor namely Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson and Brian Paddick, all very diverse and contrasting personalities.  Will Ken receive enough backing to be re-elected as Mayor a third time or, are Londoners ready to see a new Mayor in City Hall for our crammed capital?

Livingstone a controversial figure nicknamed ''Red Ken'' member of The Labour Party was responsible for introducing the Congestion Charge.  The Mayor's office has worked pro-actively to boost tourism by co-ordinating unique themed events encouraging cultural diversity by promoting the performing arts at international festivals in London, particularly in London's Trafalgar Square and, some of the festivals including the 'Green Home' exhibit are featured on the articles/events page on our website plus a stunning collection of exclusive photos relating to the articles are also on the website - please view.

Tory MP for Henley Boris Johnson with his tousled flaxen hair and exuberant character like a Viking warrior is Ken's strongest opponent and is also well known for his outspoken remarks.  A scholar educated at Eton and Oxford, darling of the Conservative party and outstanding personality in Westminster, was a newspaper Journalist earlier in his career and has also appeared in many TV Shows.

The suave and stylish Liberal Democrat candidate Brian Paddick is a former Metropolitan police deputy assistant commissioner and during his career he gained notoriety for initiating an alternative approach to handling people caught with possession of Cannabis.  One of Paddick's objectives is to combat and cut crime on the streets of London.

Other Mayoral candidates competing include Richard Barbrook who is a trained Artist and Art Teacher/Lecturer.  Winston McKenzie a former Boxing champion who wants to become a role model for Black culture and terminate the congestion charge.  Sian Berry representing The Green Party is an Environmentalist and, Lindsey German socialist campaigner for Respect Party who protested strongly against the Iraq war.

Whoever succeeds in winning the Mayor's role should make swift and sound improvements to make London safer by addressing all crime related issues and prioritising local vital issues such as making London a much cleaner greener environment and importantly improving the tube and transport system that all commuters depend on daily desperately wanting to see immediate change.

On a funnier note, wouldn't it be great to see our popular comedy duo in the 'Little Britain' TV series taking up the Mayoral office and bringing uplifting comical entertainment and laughter to the lives of Londoners!   

By Gina Chrysanthou ©

BorisJohnson  Boris Johnson

 KenLivingstone  Ken Livingstone photo by Amita Chatterji, Pukka PR


Brian Paddick

Article 2

Early January propelled the initial ‘Election' process activated in the American state of Iowa where people attended animated caucuses public meetings to select democratic or republican candidates.

In the primaries and frantic campaign frenzy it appears the presidential candidates pitch proposals, promises and all the mumbo jumbo in a bid to win votes and gain ground in the desperate marathon to The White House - the presidential election taking place in November this year. 

In both camps formidable rivalry in the chaos of campaigns, well naturally when the coveted prize for the victor is, being ensconced in The White House as the fresh new president of the United States of America.

The candidates, apex gladiators in a dramatic political arena are poised for a bruising battle in the changing theatre of politics. 

Popular ‘want-to-be' such as Hilary Clinton former first lady, John Edwards, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney though heavyweights, seem perhaps to lack just a fraction that appeal of the new brand and stellar performer Barack Obama.  Would be interesting to see in the final heat if the former first lady returns and strides into The White house but this time as president of the United States!

Meantime, here in London we may even get a taste of the ‘Huckabee' burger made we're told from lean buffalo meat named after Mike Huckabee.

History has shown us that people are not infallible be they presidents or princes, plebes or patricians so, one hopes the most sincere and worthy candidate (man or woman) secures ‘the job' in The White House and relishes victory probably to the fury of some.

By Amita Chatterji  ©

Below: some of the Presidential candiates


Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton: Democrats


John McCain and Rudy Giuliani : Republicans


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