Cirque Du Soleil makes the earth move- Albert Hall


The internationally acclaimed Cirque Du Soleil returned to the Royal Albert Hall with its latest circus extravaganza 'Totem.'

The show opened with amphibian creatures dressed in spider-like costumes and to the surprise of the audience the leading acrobat in sparkling silver costume descended from the ceiling using bars to perform stunning acrobatics and body contortions - the stage, an unusual structure resembling a giant turtle shell symbolising the earth.  As scenes changed the stage continuously transformed with illuminations and earthly images being projected onto the stage accompanied by a blend of rhythmic music including Eastern, African and Latin sounds with pulsating percussion beats evoking a mystical atmosphere.

Visually spell-binding performances featured quirky characters and troupes interpreting entertaining themes and world cultures via a combination of circus acrobatics and stunts, dance, theatrical fantasy, cabaret and comedy sketches.  Some of the acts included ladies spinning sparkling squares on their feet, a group of acrobatic artistes acting as 'business men' performing agile stunts with bendy poles and, another acrobatic group performing hair-raising, dangerous acts on flat poles.  The scientist in his lab inside a great glass bell magically produced and juggled with luminous balls and, a pair of American Indian lovers roller skated at high speed on a portable drum.  Other themes included Spanish flamenco, African tribal warriors and the evolution of man.

Originating from Quebec Canada, the Cirque Du Soleil company was established in 1984 and since then has produced a series of massively popular sell-out shows gaining international notoriety and an ever-increasing global fan base.

My mother and I who attended as media guests from Pukka PR were enraptured with Totem and thought it was a sensational show with tremendously talented performance artistes and, the creative/technical team must be commended for producing such a highly entertaining magical, cutting-edge circus show.

Furthermore, as a Michael Jackson fan I must also mention Cirque Du Soleil announced exciting news last year of their forthcoming show 'Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour' celebrating Jackson's music career, the show is scheduled to tour U.S and Canada however, I hope that changes and the show is able to tour worldwide and comes to London.

If you missed seeing Totem this time you'll have another chance to see the show in 2012 as I've been informed it's making a comeback to Royal Albert Hall which makes an ideal venue for Cirque du Soleil and I enthusiastically look forward to new shows from Cirque du Soleil which certainly has the Pukka PR seal and roar of approval! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

© By Gina Chrysanthou - Images below provided by Brando PR





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