Bazaars and the Sparkle of Stars, Happy New Year!


Christmas bazaars, the sparkle of stars and street festivals around London's West End make gift purchasing extra special and a great pleasure for people even if it's just plain window shopping.  Department stores and boutiques as always overloaded and brimming with the most wonderful and tantalizing gifts and merchandise imaginable, from exotic perfumes, haute couture, accessories and  pabulum of fantastic fare to tempt the self-indulgent.

London's exclusive Jermyn Street echoed Christmas fairy lights and welcomed visitors to its festive fair on 6th December when participating stores offered a glass of champagne or soft drink to tempt clients while browsing in stores.  Fortnum & Mason a world class store and a favourite had a table outside serving a traditional  mulled wine with the tastiest mini sausage rolls and, roasted chestnuts too which went down a treat as it was chilly and raining that evening but nevertheless, we enjoyed the festivities supported by Harper's Bazaar and Esquire.

Attracted to artistic creations and good design I enjoy looking at unique window displays and am never disappointed during the Festive season.  Windows at Fortnum are truly enchanting where miniature doll size men and women in period costume, characters from fairy tales manifest, literally spilling out of pages of story books - twelve pipers piping and drummer boys drumming, so sweet.

A complete contrast to the charming snow clad windows of Harvey Nicholls and Harrods with its cool blue ice but luxuriant Russian Winter tales depicting glamour of modern day tsars and tsarinas sipping Cristal champagne or Smirnoff Vodka cocktails.  Zara's windows too made a dramatic statement in black and white.

The spirit and drama of Christmas all around us a pleasure to behold and part of London life that everyone can enjoy captured in some of my photos...

Below: Photos and Poems Nearly Christmas and Happy New Year!



Nearly Christmas

As Christmas draws near
We all rush to prepare,
Children whisper in Santa's ear
Their secrets they declare.

Carols in church we joyfully sing
Celebrating Christ's birth,
A glow to our hearts this does bring
We spin with excitement and mirth.

Pretty parcels in tinsel shimmer
Hidden under the Christmas tree,
Fairy-lights around bells glimmer
Near the window for all to see.

Colourful chains or paper lanterns
Bright balloons and mistletoe,
Greeting cards of many patterns
One of a deer and its doe.

Red poinsettia beside green holly
In abundance everywhere,
Little girls with their dolly
Pulling crackers here and there.

A festive feast on the table
Of tender turkey, pudding and wine,
Perhaps some dancing if we're able,
A measure of magic and all is fine.

Happy New Year!

The seconds quickly tick away...
This year for long will not stay
As Big Ben booms the stroke of twelve
The old year, people happily shelve.
In Trafalgar Square crowds kiss, embrace
Here, one sees many an ecstatic face;
Scaling Nelson's Column revellers try
The proud Landseer Lions rejoice and cry!
Motor horns tooting their own song
Bells ringing a resonant ding-dong;
Hogmany night is in full swing!
Clad in plaid they do the Highland fling.

In every home lights glowing,
Bubbly through the night flowing;
Amid curly streamers and party-poppers,
There are young and old and teeny-boppers!
Transatlantic, in Times Square
Bulbs dazzle joy too they share;
Beluga caviar and pink champagne!
For those racing in life's fast lane.
The New Year, may well fulfil a dream,
Like the cat that gets the cream.
"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" is the dizzy line
When all link hands for Auld Lang Syne.

Published by Asian Times 
Article, Poems and Photos by Amita Chatterji ©

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