Fresh2o comes to Wyndham Grand at Chelsea Harbour


A dramatic extension of festivities and charity activities continued when guests were welcomed at a red carpet event with torches blazing at the entrance of the Wyndham Grand.  The Chelsea Harbour marina was the luxurious backdrop to this very special follow on event hosted by Candice and her supportive and enthusiastic Fresh2o team to raise serious money for this new charity.

Lively bongo beats greeted guests on arrival at the hotel where we were able to view a collection of Candice's wonderful underwater photographic images featuring fresh water fish tank babes like Kelly Brook, Tamsin Outhwaite, Lily Cole, Sophie Anderton and Keira Knightley.        

As guests enjoyed champagne on tap, male models wearing tight sexy swimwear boasting six packs (yes I touched one) were collecting money and persuading people to bid for auction items.  In between tasty canapés, dessert and drinks the auction took place with six Lots, Private Bids and Project Lots.   And, to raise further funds Herbert Nitsch led some of the world's best divers in an attempt to hold breath under water for as long as possible in the hotel's swimming pool which people followed on a screen - bets were placed by guests for this aquatic feat.

Candice thanked all the supporters and generous donators who were present particularly the Wyndham Grand Hotel for their part in providing the venue, Oliver Rothschild and the dedicated Fresh2o team for their hard work in trying to raise awareness and bringing the vital gift of fresh clean water to regions of the world that need it the most.

 Gina Chrysanthou ©


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