Kylie's 'Priceless Gig' at Bloomsbury Ballrooms


I was thrilled to have been one of the lucky ones to receive an invite to an exclusive private show featuring Kylie Minogue, a ‘Priceless Gig' hosted by MasterCard UK at the Bloomsbury Ballrooms on 18 March 2014.

I recall watching young Kylie playing the character Charlene in popular Australian soap Neighbours when she had curly blonde locks and, as a child I used to sing along to songs ‘I Should Be So Lucky' on her debut pop album ‘Kylie' after which she rose to fame as a singer.

Whilst queuing outside the venue we listened to Pop Queen Kylie rehearsing some of her well known tracks, the building vibrated due to sound decibels and we anticipated a good night ahead.  A keen male fan tried to bribe me with a restaurant meal in exchange for my invite but I'd never seen Kylie perform live before and wouldn't have missed seeing her even if he'd offered champagne and caviar!

Once inside the Bloomsbury Ballrooms, snacks and refreshments were served while MasterCard invited guests to tweet pics of themselves blowing a kiss to Kylie which I did along with the message ‘‘Kylie, love your music love your energy and I'd love a cute bum like yours!''

As the show commenced, a group of female dancers entered the stage holding big red balls and Kylie appeared wearing white. Petite sex bomb Kylie performed some of her back catalogue tracks including ‘Can't Get You Out of My Head,' ‘WOW,' ‘Love at First Sight' and ‘Slow.'  She looked gorgeous and girly as ever and it was great seeing her entertain in a private party atmosphere. 

In between songs Kylie chatted to the audience and a man in the audience shouted to Kylie ‘‘how about a selfie?''  She then called him up to the stage to take the pic on his mobile.  Kylie closed the show singing her latest single ‘Into The Blue' from her new album Kiss Me Once.  Her dancers wore black leotards, red lip-shaped hats and red lip-shaped balloons were released from the stage.

Guests continued partying after the show, we boogied to funky dance music while wine was flowing - a superb treat thanks to MasterCard.

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Kylie's 'Priceless Gig' at Bloomsbury Ballrooms

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