The Dazzling Queen Celebrates her Diamond Jubilee


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Article 1  The Dazzling  Queen Celebrates her Diamond Jubilee with the Nation - published on Pukka PR 7/5/12

Article 2 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant Sunday 3 June 2012


Article 1

HM Queen Elizabeth II, perhaps a second coming of Britannia precious icon and personification of Britain, celebrates her Diamond Jubilee with boundless energy, pomp and pageantry.

The Queen, ever exuding brilliance stands for stability and continuum - she's always there and everywhere! Fortunate for having seen so much of the world and its people she's been a true trailblazer for supporting her much-loved commonwealth.

Ever since the Queen's accession to the throne on 6th February 1952 she has served the country and Commonwealth diligently gaining much respect globally and remains prominent, powerful but discreet. A Queen with a sense of duty and a sense of humour.

This is an unforgettable year for the Queen and her family, the latter are currently representing her and are in the process of visiting various countries of the Commonwealth where the Queen is admired and respected. The Queen with Prince Phillip is travelling the length and breadth of Britain and is visiting several cities where her keen subjects wait to greet and welcome her.

Numerous events and street parties throughout Britain celebrating the Diamond Jubilee are going to take place this year but the official jubilee events are going to be from 2nd to 5th June 2012 giving the nation bank hols to celebrate the historic occasion.

Part of the main event on Sunday 3 June is going to be the spectacular Queen's river pageant on the River Thames with a flotilla of hundreds of boats representing Commonwealth countries. The pageant will be led by the barge ‘Spirit of Chartwell' on which the Queen and her family will travel. This grand pageant promises to surpass all others and was apparently inspired by Canaletto's painting on view at the Maritime museum.

The Thames royal river pageant from Tower Bridge to Albert Bridge will be a showcase of majestic proportions bringing to life old river scenes with live entertainment, fireworks and bells-a-pealing.

For Britain, in these hard times hopefully, great expectations and celebrations in this historic year of the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic Games, the Bicentenary of Charles Dickens and, 50 years of James Bond 007...

© By Amita Chatterji - colour photos below by Amita Chatterji & Gina Chrysanthou

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Young Princess Elizabeth with The Queen Mother & George VI 


HM Queen Elizabeth II & HRH Prince Phillip


HM Queen Elizabeth II Coronation


HM Queen Elizabeth II - Kate & William's Wedding 


HM Queen Elizabeth II - Kate & William's wedding


HM Queen Elizabeth II - Kate & William's Wedding


The Royal family at Royal Ascot Ladies Day 2010


The Joker Queen!


Article 2

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant
Sunday 3 June 2012

Typical exhilarating British weather at one of the rarest historical and very British events this decade The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant. It rained, but despite the wet windy and chilly weather the enthusiastic British public were already queuing at the entrance of Battersea Park before 9am as my daughter Gina and I made our way to the media section to cover the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant.

Roads around Battersea Park had been closed off and we'd walked from Sloane Square to the Park where we eventually stationed ourselves in the shadow of the Peace Pagoda housing the big beautiful, chanting, golden Buddha overlooking Father Thames. There we stood in the morning pouring rain having our breakfast of soggy sandwiches and watered down tea, it kept us wide awake. Just a few other media people we chatted to who'd also arrived early were doing the same and the rain did not deter or dampen our enthusiasm and excitement.

The rain didn't seize and unfortunately there was no overhead shelter or marquee for the media (journalists, photographers, reporters) or, even for the disabled in wheelchairs who, a little before the start of the River Pageant were being wheeled into the small, already overcrowded media grid amongst tall camera tripods and bulky but essential photographers' equipment.

It was after six hours of waiting in the wet when there was a flurry of excitement and we got a glimpse of the Pageant's grand flotilla, an impressive armada of various river vessels accompanying HM The Queen and her family on the sumptuously decorated barge the ‘Spirit of Chartwell.'

The Diamond Jubilee River Pageant was a truly unequalled and opulent spectacle also depicting the psyche of the great British nation and robust support for The Monarchy when history was in the making and we were there soaking it all up. In the media pen we'd chatted to other journalists, photographers, guests and we were kindly offered sweet Jubilee fairy cakes by florist Liz and her husband who were standing near us.

However, after half a day of wet-skin standing & waiting, Gina and I gave up our front vantage point patch in the media grid to let two guests in wheelchairs take our place and give them the opportunity and joy of flag-waving and seeing the royal barge and flotilla pass.

The Park was abuzz with activity, events, musical bands and long queues at busy food stalls and, there were even plenty of port-a-loos, what a relief! The brave picnicked, there was a celebratory atmosphere as families enjoyed themselves and certainly a feeling of ‘proud to be British' came through in all the red white and blue.

People on either side of the River banks from the start had joyfully waved Jubilee flags and cheered with delight as Pageant vessels ahead of the royal barge had passed by when belfry bells rang out and church bells chimed across the river Thames marking this historic occasion for a gracious and great British monarch. 

© By Amita Chatterji
5 June 2012

© Photos by Amita Chatterji & Gina Chrysanthou


Visitor waiting at entrance to Battersea Park Festival



Poet/Writer Amita Chatterji in media grid




'Cake in the Clouds' made from real sponge cake


Entertainer in Battersea Park Festival


Visitors waiting outside Battersea Park


Journalists/Photographers in media grid



Visitors for whom we gave up our places to view River Pageant



Gloriana - barge which led River Pageant




The Royal Barge Spirit of Chartwell (far right)














Gina Chrysanthou - Pukka PR


Giant Crown - Battersea Park Festival

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