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Two articles:

Article 1   Richard Nicoll Fashion Evening at Liberty

Fashionistas, socialites, PR gurus, club owners, event promoters, art curators, IT specialists, a guest losing his trouser belt, a finger-sucking film director....a fun and fruity mix of ingredients for a couture fashion party at the Liberty store!  New lifestyle members service Ultra Vie invited founder members to a fashion evening featuring womenswear designer Richard Nicoll in the international room at Liberty.

The event gave guests an opportunity to browse couture fashion on the shop floor display whilst sipping champagne provided by Billecart-Salmon. Earlier in the evening guests were invited to enter a prize draw with a chance to win one of Richard Nicoll's fabulous garments, a white silk dress with a pop art style image (pictured on mannequin below in our photos with Ultra Vie CEO Johannes Kraft standing beside it).  Richard himself was there to present the prize to the lucky winner.  Richard of British Australian heritage is a Central St Martin's graduate and has consulted and designed for top fashion brands Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Cerutti, Fred Perry and Topshop.  With pleats making a comeback in fashion, pleated dresses were prominent in his current collection.  It was good meeting Richard, a successful and humble designer who was grateful for people taking an interest in his garments and after having a photo taken with him he asked to take a photo of us (my mum and me) and having only just met us for the first time we thought that was a sign of friendliness & humility.

Whilst at the event we met up with several friends on the social scene including Manoj owner of Valmont Club and his club manager Carlos, Michael Thorne, celebrity PR guru/party planner & TV personality Liz Brewer and we met for the first time an eccentric film director Roger who seemed to have a fetish for sucking ladies not the green vegetable variety but the fleshy variety!  Whilst the party was coming to a close one of my friends James had us in fits of laughter when he told us he thought his belt had been removed from his trousers during the party! So it seems one of the guests either might have fancied James's belt or perhaps fancied the idea of seeing James with his trousers down...whoopseeee more champagne please!

©By Gina Chrysanthou
Please scroll down to view event photos ©by Amita Chatterji


Above: Fashion designer Richard Nicholl



Left: Johannes Kraft          right: Carlos Santos & Simon Taghioff


                                                        right: Manoj Lad & friends


Above left: Kal Chavda & friend



Left: Amita & Gina of Pukka PR right: James Hagen & Tony Baxter



Left: Alan & friend Amedeo Fedeli     right: Richard Nicoll & Gina



Left: Gina with Liz Brewer          right: Eva & friend Michael Thorne





Article 2   Pontoon Private Yacht Launch

Pukka PR was invited to step aboard the newly refurbished private Yacht appropriately named ‘Pontoon' moored in St Katharine Docks.  Initially we were welcomed by Maud the charming French lady from Evensus, a company specialising in Event Management/PR in the hospitality industry.  My friends Dean and Jerome who manage various projects with Evensus helped us on board the yacht which was a tricky procedure, we made our grand entrance sliding down a wooden slope hanging on to ropes on either side with Dean on standby at the other end just in case we toppled of the most unique entrances I've ever made at an event!  As I was wearing high heels I was asked to take off my shoes on entering the yacht as the wooden deck flooring was newly laid and understandably they wanted to prevent heel marks so I was given cute knitted footsies to wear which actually ended up matching the same colours as my silver and black outfit! On board we were greeted by hospitality staff with champagne served from the Pommery bar.

We were shown around by Dean and during a tour inside he introduced us to the yacht owners Valerie and Michael who told us the vessel was an absolute shell when they first purchased it so they refurbished the yacht to a high standard decorating it with luxury fittings and furnishings throughout.  The yacht can be hired mainly for private or corporate events and accommodates aprox 70 people.  Whilst out on deck our glasses were kept topped up with Pommery and canapés served as we listened to the live jazz band and chatted to other guests at the launch.

We enjoyed our pleasant experience on board the new Pontoon, the launch event was very well managed by Evensus and we look forward to attending future events organised by them.

©By Gina Chrysanthou
Please scroll down to view event photos ©by Amita Chatterji and Gina Chrysanthou


Above left: Dean, Gina, Jerome         right: Valerie & Michael


Above left: Dean, Amita, Gina













 Above image of Pontoon yacht provided courtesy of Evensus


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