A British Tradition - Ladies Day Royal Ascot '89


Ladies Day Royal Ascot '89 

 The third day at Ascot
A blissful blue sky!
The temperature slowly soared
Even birds came to pry -
Romantic pinks! Royal blue!
Black and white or smart navy,
An extravaganza of fashion
From bold dots to stripes wavy -

Here, elegant ladies
Don couture ensemble,
They swagger and sway
With much aplomb.

Some sport classic Chanel
Others prefer YSL/Hartnell
O yes, a stylish set
One can instantly tell.

Heads dressed tres chic
By David Shilling
Whose avant-garde hats
Are quite thrilling.

Jauntily, ladies carry
A matching parasol -
Well co-ordinated like a
Barbie or Cindy doll.

Silk saris pallus
Billow in the breeze,
Ogling at bare midriffs
Makes men wheeze!

Gentlemen so debonair
In top hat and tail,
Beside their lovely ladies
They look quite pale.


Sporting grey garb
Or plain morning suit,
Men chase the fillies
Busy in this pursuit.

African dignitaries float
In tribal robes,
Richly adorned with
Jewels in ear lobes.

Enthusiastic punters
Wave wads of dosh!
Roll up in landaus and
Limousines posh.

Bookies busily take
Large and small bets,
Even if one loses
Here nobody ever frets.

In the Pimms Bar
Elated, punters feel
Imbibing cocktails
Backwards they reel!

Along the Terrace
Gentlewomen shyly titter,
The serious punters
Their money they fritter.

Snorting horses sweat
To win the flat race,
For the Gold Cup Stakes
Fast, is the pace.

Near the velvet turf
Throngs picnic and banter
As the splendid beasts
Continue to canter.


Plebeians and patricians
Mingle and hold court,
Applaud and cheer as
They drink their port.

Races finish with King
George V Handicap,
The slick jockey's energy
Now begins to sap;
The weary thoroughbreds
Foam at the mouth,
The crowds now disperse
Going north or south.

By Amita Chatterji  ã

First posted on website 21/06/07

This historic poem was sent to HM The Queen Mother and reflects Royal Ascot prior to it's refurbishment capturing the exciting atmosphere and British style.  Used my official name Mrs A Chrysanthou. Response below.



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